Zoya Hussain

Designer and Developer

Hey there, I'm Zoya [she/her] ā€” a 17 year old from Dallas, Texas. I'm interested in the development of human-centered software and interfaces.

I love creating technology that merges utility with thoughtful design. Currently, I'm exploring the relationship between technology and society, examining how users interact with and are impacted by tech.

When Iā€™m free, I like to read, illustrate figments from my imagination, and hone the craft of caffeinated beverages Ā¹. I enjoy trying new things and exploring the abundance of interesting topics the world has to offer.


I love engaging in new projects and contributing towards initiatives I care about. Here are some things I've been up to recently:

Leading advocacy campaigns ā€” Delivering youth-led grassroots political and social awareness efforts on AI and data ethics, inspired by the flames of liberty and ingenuity Ā².

Learning about the human mind ā€” Embarking on a high-level exploration of how the human mind works through cognitive science, in all its order and chaos.

Designing and creating cool things ā€” I like taking on projects that balance utility with aesthetics for best usability. I also love convincing everyone of their ability to channel creativity into an art form, of the deep-rooted desire to create Ā³.

Sharpening my writing and language skills ā€” Practicing the art of writing and speaking to explain and experience the untranslatable, like the Japanese Koi No Yokan ā“.

Listening and Reading

Some of my favorite hobbies include listening to music and reading. After listening to music to a Nietzsche-esque degree āµ, I found my select favorites in trap hip-hop, dark atmospheric, and heavy bass.

Currently, I'm shuffling between re-reading my favorites ā¶ in neo-romanticism and gothic literature, with a long TBR trailing behind my current reads.

Contact and Socials

I'm always looking for new conversations and like-minded people. You can reach out to me and explore my experiences below.


This site was created with Next, React, and Tailwind. In an age of digital maximalism, I opted to create a content-focused site with a minimalist design. Thank you for visiting my digital garden ā· šŸŒ±

Ars longa, vita brevis āø